Small Kitchen Ideas to Amp up Your Style

When small kitchen design ideas are mentioned, often the kitchen island is the first thing that comes to mind. But a kitchen island can actually be quite small and cramped when you’re trying to cook or prep food. If you want to add extra space to your kitchen but don’t have a lot of counter space, here are a few small kitchen ideas that you can use to amp up your style.

Work a Dining Nook into a Small Kitchen

Stylish small kitchens don’t have to be tiny or cramped. In fact, by adding a dining nook to your kitchen space, you can create a space that is both functional and stylish. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other – you can have both!

By using simple colors and furniture pieces, you can create a kitchen that is both modern and timeless. If your dining area is crammed, consider adding a breakfast bar that seats four people. This will give you extra space to cook and eat your meals. A small kitchen with a chic dining area will make any meal feel special!

Shed Natural Light into a Small Kitchen

Kitchens can feel a little small and cramped, especially if you’re a kitchen enthusiast. To make your kitchen feel larger and more open, light up the space with natural light. One way to do this is by installing skylights or window treatments. You can also add extra artwork or plants that will light up the space.

Consider using dark colored appliances and furniture to anchor the room and make it feel less cramped. In the end, small kitchen ideas should be tailored to the individual space and kitchen design style to create a unique look that perfectly fits the kitchen.

Add Illusion With Mirrors

Kitchens can be a real design challenge – they’re small, cramped, and often lack storage space. But with a little bit of creative thinking, small kitchens can be transformed into trendy and stylish spaces. One great way to do this is by adding mirrors to your kitchen.

By adding a few strategically placed mirrors, you can create a space that is illusion-filled and stylish. You don’t have to go overboard – just a few small mirrors will do the trick.

Additionally, smaller pieces of furniture can be scaled down to fit in your small kitchen area – it’ll give it an extra pop of personality! And mirrors also double as great places to store appliances. So, small kitchen ideas don’t have to be small in size – they can be small in design too!

Use the Fifth Wall

Kitchens are often a room that is sacrificed in favor of larger living spaces. But by using the space in a small kitchen intelligently, you can create a stylish and functional area. For example, high-low cabinets or a center island can be great storage solutions.

Bright colors and modern accents can help to add personality to your kitchenette, while shelving, racks, and appliances can bring extra style to your kitchen. With small kitchen ideas like these in mind, you can create a kitchen that works well for you and your style.

Small Kitchen Ideas to Amp up Your Style
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